Guiding resource companies to better performance:
With a combined skills base developed over eight decades, we provide you with the benefit of our Australian and international experience and save you time and money through any of the following:

Corporate assistance:
  • Advising the board and management on strategic direction and organisational issues
  • Planning and implementation of organisational change and development
  • Company secretarial services
  • Developing and auditing the company's compliance and other risk management systems and effectiveness
  • Assisting in financing and capital raising
  • Providing independent advice on executive recruitment
  • Designing and editing company reports and other documents
  • Planning and implementing commercial negotiations
  • Supplementing and managing legal, marketing, administration, taxation and finance resources
  • Planning and implementing due diligence investigations in the sale or purchase of a business or asset
  • Assisting in Australian and international project management
  • Sourcing or providing specialist technical advice
  • Planning and implementing business improvement initiatives
  • Providing senior management personnel to cover short-term needs
Minalysis :: Your first choice in external in-house service providers.

Construction, engineering, mining operations, geology, metallurgy, maintenance - all areas of site operations in which contracting has become the rule rather than the exception. And why not? Direct staff costs are minimised, you pay only for the services that are required, capital resources are maximised and, most importantly, senior management time is best utilised by remaining focused on longer term strategic and project issues rather than constantly having to put out the day-to-day "bushfires".
So, why not apply the same contracting principle to your commercial requirements? Valuable resources are drained away from your prime strategic and technical requirements by constantly having to establish, develop and manage functions as diverse as market analysis, physical sales, metal and price risk analysis, hedging management, shipping and logistics, documentation, marketing administration, trade finance, even raw material purchases and systems development-sourcing.

Market and Product Analysis Top
Analysis can be performed and recommendations made for a number of purposes including, but not limited to, preparation of input for pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility studies, asset valuation, economic analysis, competitor profiling, customer suitability, sales negotiation, on-going market awareness, new market penetration, by-product sales, product mix profitability.
Price Risk and Financial Markets Analysis Top
Historical price analysis, futures market analysis, breakeven benchmarking, risk strategy formulation, hedging programs, "metal-at-risk" calculations, counter-party analysis and selection, treasury operations, systems selection and implementation, documentation, trade execution.
Logistics Analysis Top
Analysis of major raw materials purchase through to delivery of end product. Costings on suitability of spot vs long-term contracts, packaging, delivery. Shipping contract terms and conditions, rail and trucking where necessary, operations and procedures manuals.
Financial Analysis Top
Each of the above areas requires the ability to illustrate quantitative results. Various spreadsheet and database analysis tools are extensively used. These include, but are not limited to, breakeven analysis, variance and sensitivity.
Commercial Operations Top
Minalysis can undertake all aspects of the commercial operation of the sales and marketing function. Again, this includes, but is not limited to, all import and export shipment scheduling, freight and port liaison, import and export documentation, invoicing, bank documentation such as L/Cs, hedge settlements, reconciliations for inventory control, sales management and cashflow management.
Reporting and Systems Development Top
A significant part of all operations, whether greenfield or existing, is the requirement for effective systems to ensure operations are monitored and measured against benchmarks. We can assist in the design, development and implementation of marketing reporting structures, integrated marketing management systems and risk management systems.
Consider the additional load on your executive resources when concurrently undertaking project feasibility and development.